About Us


Hark Group was formed in 1999 by Rob Cossey and David Henderson-Williams, and more recently joined by Mark Williams. The partners have over 80 years of experience in the real estate industry. Hark Group has successfully handled in excess of £1 billion of UK assets.

What We Do

Hark Group specialise in active value add opportunities working with a small group of trusted advisors. We make assets perform from income growth and capital appreciation by a close understanding of the occupier market. Our relationship with occupiers is excellent and our energy and drive unbeatable. We focus on making this happen as evidenced by our track record and current projects.

How We Do It

We are highly selective and discerning over the projects we take on for ourselves and our partners. We focus on the fundamentals of what works for the occupiers in this changing world and how the asset can adjust and perform to meet these needs and thus perform financially.

St. John’s Centre, Liverpool (after)
St. John’s Centre, Liverpool (after)
The Galleries, Bristol (after)