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Bristol’s Galleries shows off

InfraRed Capital Partners and the Hark Group implemented the first part of their plan to restore the fortunes of the Galleries, Bristol’s 21-year-old city centre mall on 21 September by opening a relocated food court.

Restaurants, among them Burger King and Perfect Pizza, opened after the top-level food court relocated to the middle of three levels. They occupy the space vacated by failed furniture retailer the Pier. Subway, which exchanged contracts with the landlords earlier that week, was expected to open on 1 October.

As soon as the old food court closed, work began on converting the 15,000 sq ft space into a 99p Store. The chain has taken a 10-year lease and will open next month.

InfraRed director Christopher Huxtable says that TK Maxx, the other top-floor tenant, would welcome trading alongside 99p Stores.

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